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EXTNGO 33Ft Retractable Network Cable Extender

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Retractable Network Cable Extender, 33 Feet (10 Meter) CAT 6 Ethernet Cable Flat - Portable 1 Gbps Data Speed - Swiftly Setup Temp Networks - Cascadable Male-Female RJ45 Connector - UTP Cable Reel


  • UNIQUE IN THE MARKETPLACE: The EXTNGO UTP network extender is the only CAT6 cable of its kind on the market with a male - female RJ45 connector. This means you can easily cascade the male - female network cable with other EXTNGOs to connect your devices to your home or office network. You could use EXTNGO to extend USB connections up to 100 feet utilizing USB Over Ethernet

  • NO MORE CARPET BULGES AND TANGLED WIRES: The EXTNGO's flat cable can lay under carpets so there are no ugly and dangerous bumps on the office, exhibition or seminar room floor. The retractable ethernet network cable means no more loose or tangled wires. Every extension cable will be tidy, tucked away and out of sight.

  • SMALL & PORTABLE: The EXTNGO was designed with user convenience in mind. With physical dimensions of 16.5 cm (height) x 7.5 cm (depth) x 13 cm (width) - the retractable network cable is the perfect travelling companion wherever you need to set up a network. It's easy to use and store in your bag or IT toolbox, and takes up little space next to a laptop so you can keep your work area free from clutter.

  • 2 VARIETIES + BONUS ITEM: The EXTNGO UTP Extender comes either in 33 Feet (Green/10 Meter) or 50 Feet (Orange/15 Meter). Both are color coded to make it easy to identify the cable length of each product.

  • FREE BONUS: 3 Feet (1 Meter) network patch cable. This eliminates the need to purchase another male - male network patch cable to make the last connection between the EXTNGO and your computer/appliance.


How EXTNGO Could Help You?

Quick and Stress Free Network Setup:
Did you ever faced a problem that you need a network cable long enough that can reach 50 feet, then next day you needed another cable that is only 10 feet long? What if one cable can do the job?

Did your boss asks you to set up a temporary desk somewhere. Or your seminar starts in 15 minutes and you don’t have a long enough cable ready?

In the old days, you'd cut and crimp a network cable to the exact size, or use a long network patch cable and try to wrap up the excess wire.

Now, You have EXTNGO, 50 Feet Flat CAT 6 Network Cable, It is a small and portable companion yet got a long cable inside it. Whenever you need to test a network or setup a temporary connection. The flat and retractable cable of EXTNGO is there to serve the purpose and save the day. No knots in the wires or hazardous bumps in the carpet.

We know that you've got enough on your plate when setting up your desk at the exhibition, or the laptop and projector screen for the big presentation. EXTNGO was designed by IT professionals who set up temporary computer networks everyday and have faced wire tangling problems more often than they care to remember.

Not Just For IT Professionals:
The network extension cable can also be used at home with ease. The flat cable will pass unnoticed under carpets. And if you don't need the full 50 Feet of cable, just pull the amount of wire you need and the rest will stay tidy, untangled and out of the way in the EXTNGO box.

EXTNGO Is More Than A Network Extender:
EXTNGO + USB over Ethernet can extend your USB cable up to 100 feet. This goes way beyond a regular USB standard cable length. Useful for printers, Scanners or far external HDD access. It could even be used to extend OBD over USB and any other USB based device.
EXTNGO + BMW ENET Interface, this will provide BMW diagnostic tool an extra length to test the vehicle far from its location.
EXTNGO + HDMI over UTP, Extend you HDMI up to 100 feet or more.
EXTNGO + VGA Ethernet Adapter, extend your VGA cable up to 100 Feet.
EXTNGO + Component Video / Audio over UTP, to extend you Audio / Video signals at schools and exhibitions venues. 
EXTNGO + VOIP phone, you may extend your VOIP phone cable easily up to 100 feet, very useful at exhibitions and temporary locations.
EXTNGO + POE, Extend your Power Over Ethernet up to 100 feet away from your source to power your device and pass data.

EXTNGO is Extendable:
If you need more length, with the unique male-female RJ45 connector, all you need to do is add one or more EXTNGO.

The EXTNGO Guarantee:
We stand behind this product for effectiveness and ease of use. If you discover any defects in the product due to manufacturing and workmanship, just let us know and we will either repair the product or issue you either a full refund or a replacement. The limited warranty period stands for three (3) years from the date of purchase.

Get Set Up and Pack Up Just as Quickly With No Fuss, No Tying, Wrapping or Untangling Wires. Order the EXTNGO Today!

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