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Faucet Thermometer

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Each day over 300 children are seen in emergency rooms and 2 children die from burn injuries



Dangerously high water temperatures were found in 41% of inspected urban homes



Children are at particularly high risk for burn injuries due to their immature cognitive skills, inability to self-rescue, and dependence on adults for supervision.

Hot water will burn skin at temperatures much lower than boiling point (212°F/100°C).

In fact, it only takes 2 seconds of exposure to 148°F/64°C water to cause a burn serious enough to require surgery!

Some of the most common factors that contribute to scald burn injuries in children

Danger is not perceived by the caregiver, and therefore protective measures are not implemented. Caregivers may be ignorant of potential burn-causing hazards in the environment and/or be inexperienced in anticipating potentially dangerous situations, such as: leaving hot beverages within a child’s reach, not checking bath water temperatures, carrying hot liquids/food while holding a child


Responsibility given to a child above their developmental ability, such as: bathing or caring for a younger sibling


 Faucet Thermometer 

Is one of many Protective Measures you could use to protect your children from any hot water danger, same time, provide them Safe Fun Environment to have fun with water.


Faucet Thermometer doesn't require any batteries or electricity! It runs on the kinetic energy of the water. So what are you waiting for, your Kids Protection From Hot Water just one click away !!


Make Your Kids A Favor

Protect Their Small Hands From

Hot Water

👉 You Owe it to them!!!!👈 


  •  This LED Water Faucet fits on most taps and LED light will light up when water pressure arrive at a certain level
  •  The light is activated by water pressure and turns off automatically with the water.
  •  7 colors are mixed displayed automatically when water flow.
  •  Main colors are Green, Red & Blue.
  •  ABS chroming material, excellent corrosion resistance, durable.
  •  Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light.
  •  Offer you a delight & wonderful experience.
  •  The faucet light will change colors randomly with time.


    Type: Basin Faucets
    Style: Single Holder Single Hole
    Valve Core Material: Stainless Steel
    Surface Treatment: Polished
    Installation Type: Deck Mounted
    Weight Per Package: <2kg
    Feature: LED Light


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